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13 Fruitcakes Reviews

Reviews of the LaMaMa Production in New York: Stage Voices On Stage Blog teeco71 Theater Easy Broadway World Review of the Production in Seoul, Korea (in Korean) Naver (in Korean, with English and Japanese auto-translation) The Korea Times Oh My News (in Korean) The Musical (in Korean)


Cymbal for La Fin Du Monde LA FIN DU MONDE - Noise Show at Que Sera, November, 2019 13 Fruitcakes Musical Theater Performance at LaMaMa Experimental Theater, NYC Composers and and Performers Clock on a Chain SoundPedro 2019 Noise for Laptop LA FIN DU MONDE - Noise Show at Que Sera November 2018 A Poem is a City of Poets SoundPedro 2018 (As Laptop Collective)

Music Fall 2018

Here are some videos from a couple of recent performance during the Fall 2018 season. [resilience] - Music and Video Installation by Cameron Johnston rainbowrain - Music and Video by David García Saldaña A Poem is a City of Poets - Music and Video by Members of Pile of Wires cell - Music and Dance by Cameron Johnston

Pile of Wires in the Media

The founding of Pile of Wires comes out of the Laptop Ensemble at CSU Long Beach. The members of Pile of Wires were featured in a couple of reports by  DIG Magazine  and The Daily 49er as apart of the Laptop Ensemble! Here, DIG Magazine visited us during a rehearsal. We were interviewed about the compositional process in a Laptop Ensemble. The following is an interview conducted by  The Daily 49er  after one of our concerts at CSU Long Beach.
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